Skilled Technicals
Over 200 workers working in our factor at Shantou. Most of them equipped with specialized glass skills.

Advanced Machine
Various advanced machine allow mass production with fineness, enhance productivity and conformity.

Green Manufacturer
Natural lighting, ventilation effectively reduced energy uasge. Multiple recycling points of paper, glass waste and plastic are also setted up.

Sewage Recycle
Water takes an important row in dust filtration. And the sewage is collected, filtered and re-used in other areas.

Research and Creative Department
Regularly we release new samples. Review and discover raw materials to innvoate possibilities.

Own Transport Team
Private transportation team ensure on time delivery, provide flexibility and secure product safety.

Hong Kong Management
Hong Kong Management team supervise overall production and rise factory standards.

Celebrity Visits
In 2014 March, CY Leung visited our factory, together with mayor of Shantou and HK entrepreneurs.